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Chrissy Winter Springs, FL

To say we are pleased with the training our dog received from Household k9 training is an understatement, We are truly impressed and very happy! When we got our golden retriever, Cooper, we knew we wanted a well mannered boy and assumed just because he was a golden it would be easy. We did two rounds of puppy training at a local pet store and although he got a few basic commands under his belt, we quickly realized this is way harder than it looks. He was still jumping on people when they came in our home, he would take US on a walk and played with the kids as though they were litter mates. He also was a nervous guy who was fearful of new things and loud noises. We are an active family and wanted to be able to take him out with us and have it be enjoyable for him as well as us. I looked into several training companies in the area and came across Household k9. Randy's videos stood out. Not only were they informative but he seemed to really care for the dogs and their success. Right away upon meeting him, I knew my gut was right. Our dog very quickly thrived and showed incredible progress daily. The videos that Randy posted really helped with us learning at the same time. Plus, it was really nice to get a visual everyday since we were missing our big guy 🙂 You could really tell Cooper was learning and enjoying himself! Randy took the time to meet with us for several hours halfway through and during the going home session so we would have confidence that we would be able to keep up with all the skills he had taught our dog. He was in constant contact with me and answered every question I had. I could not believe the night and day transformation in our dog. I have already been able to take him out shopping with me, enjoy our family meals without him counter surfing and have him stay on place when guests are over! So happy we trusted our dog with Household k9! It was worth every cent!
Thank you so much Randy!!
Cooper & family

Nick & Tahnee Orlando, FL

Where to start? Our experience with Household K9 was nothing short of INCREDIBLE. Before we even signed up for a room and board, Randy gave us a ton of good information during casual chats in the neighborhood. We tried a different and very well known company in Orlando and we cancelled after our first session. Not only were we told to just keep zapping our dog while repeating commands, but this company stuck to the minute on the weekly hour sessions. After seeing no improvement with this method and the discomfort it was causing our Bernese Mountain Dog named Castor, we decided to start looking more into the process of how to train dogs.

We met Randy and he explained his methodologies in a very simple and to the point manner. We saw all of his videos from previous room and board canines, and then saw the Golden Retriever he was working with at the time, walking in the neighborhood and boy was that one heck of a behaved dog! We immediately signed up our older Bernese Mountain Dog.

Castor was full of energy, had a lot of bad habits (which you can see in his videos), and he just was out of control. We couldn't walk him in peace or have family members come over to the house. Combine this with owning a younger Bernese Mountain Dog and we were in over our necks. We sent Castor away to Household K9 and followed his journey through numerous videos on social media. Every single day there was multiple videos posted up and we saw EXACTLY how he learned. He caught on fast and the best part was HE WAS LOVING IT! This was one of the biggest things that made us so happy. Randy treated Castor with such care--there wasn't a single moment where Castor was in pain or discomfort from the ecollar. This was the complete opposite result from what we had previously seen with the first trainer we went to. While it was hard to be away from him for 3 weeks, it seemed to fly by, especially since we kept in close contact with Randy.

By the end of his program, Castor was a completely different dog in terms of manners. We got him back and were immediately able to keep him on place when parents came over, take him out to lay down on the patio at restaurants, have him wait for his food, go into the crate on command, ignore the younger dog we have, walk right next to us... the results are just absolutely incredible. All of our friends have commented on how amazing his behavior is, even the veterinarian technician was in awe at his manners. Our lives are so much simpler now and it has removed a huge burden of stress. We already made an appointment to have our younger Bernese go through the same program in a few months.

Overall, if you're looking for a dog trainer, don't even bother looking anywhere else. Household K9 is the one. The results speak for themselves and there's enough videos and articles to prove this. Randy will teach your dog everything they need to know to succeed, but more importantly, he will teach YOU. Throughout the program, we were provided with a lot of information to read up on to make it very clear was what expected of us to continue Castor's new lifestyle. In addition, Randy spent a good 3-4 hours with us on the final day of the room and board explaining everything and then coaching us personally. The prong and ecollar seemed intimidating at first, but with the practice we received during this session, we felt MUCH more confident. We were able to pick things up the next day and we've been continually improving every day. If you've got a dog that is causing you any kind of issue in your life, check out Household K9. We look forward to following all of the fun videos to come from everybody's best friends!

Thanks again, Randy!

-Nick, Tahnee, and Castor

Lyris Orlando, FL

We took our 8 month old Golden Retriever Mason to Randy at Household K9 Training for a 3 week board and train because although he was potty trained and such a sweet puppy we were having a few issues. For example with pulling on his leash every time we took him on walks. This made taking Mason out on a walk very stressful. I have a 18 month old son and pushing a stroller while having my puppy pulling me everywhere was not an easy task. Mason also loved counter surfing and stealing sandwiches from the counter. Funny at first, not so funny to my nine year old who's sandwich belonged to. My main concern though was that every time my husband got home from work Mason would go wild jumping up on my husband and knocking down my toddler in the process making this a very dangerous situation. Mason was not aware of how big he is. When Mason came home from his training i was amazed to say the least! Mason is now such a well behaved puppy with the ability to relax on command. He not only no longer pulls on his leash but I can also walk him off-leash without being scared that he will run away. Mason also now loves his crate and does not get anxious every time I put him in his crate. Randy paid close attention to all my concerns with Mason and was so informative with the entire process. Kept me updated with emails, pictures and videos on how Mason was doing. Randy has made my life so much easier and with baby number three on the way I couldn't be more thankful!!!

Mary Port Orange, FL
We have 2 young dogs that were out of control in the house and on the leash. You name it they did it! Chewed, rough housed, walked on a leash terribly, didn't listen to any commands, distracted easily, etc...We couldn't take them anywhere without being embarrassed ! So, because we wanted our dogs to have the best life possible and we wanted them to be apart of ours, we signed them up with Household K9. In just 3 weeks (each) with the board and train program there was remarkable differences. I am now proud of 2 well behaved dogs who I feel comfortable taking anywhere on or off leash. I definitely recommend to anyone who wants the best for their dogs!
Carson Orlando, FL

We took our 11 month old Golden Retriever Winston to Household K9 for a three week board and train. We adopted Winston when he was nine months old. He had been bounced around and not socialized. I am very pleased with the results. Randy truly spent extra time and effort with this dog. He is now crate trained and able to walk comfortably on a leash. Randy posted updates on his website so it was easy to follow along with his progress. Since he has been home Winston is like a new dog. I can certainly recommend Randy and Household K9. Thanks again for everything Randy

Mike Orlando, FL
Not only is Randy a great trainer for dogs, but dog owners as well. With just a few sessions Bella was showing awesome improvement in her behavior and obedience. He was also able to provide me with knowledge to make me a more informed and efficient owner as well! He was extremely patient and willing to answer all of my questions. It's clear that his focus is to better the dogs life and to build a healthier relationship between the dog and owner. I will definitely be recommending this service to all dog owners!
Julissa Orlando, FL

Randy at Household K9 is an amazing dog trainer. After months of dealing with my dog Pepper's leash pulling & reactivity towards squirrels, I decided to get serious about her training & that's when I found Randy.

Randy really took his time explaining how to communicate with our dog and teaching us how to use our new tools. We accomplished so much more than we expected! I can now manage Pepper on her leash any time & anywhere and can even recall her off-leash. I highly recommend Household K9!

Stephanie Orlando, FL
I am so impressed with everything my dog, Ollie, learned in the 3 weeks with a Randy. It literally is the best thing I could have ever done for Ollie, and for myself. He listens so much better and he no longer tries to get out the front door, our walks have improved drastically and he knows how to control his energy now. He has been home for a few weeks now and is doing wonderful!
Daniele Orlando, FL


My hubby and I cannot thank you enough for helping us out with Rocco! We were struggling on walks and constantly having to reroute when seeing other dogs on our daily walks. You helped us see an immediate difference in Rocco. You spent time talking to us first, meeting Rocco and discussing the process. We practiced with your supervision and with training inside the house and then outside on walks. You went above and beyond as we encountered no other dogs on the walk. You then brought your own dog to have us to practice safely across from each other on opposite sides of sidewalks for safety. We saw an immediate change in his once out of control behavior. Thank you for coming by again today to check up on Rocco's progress. You were amazing, polite and very thorough! I would without a doubt absolutely recommend and endorse you for anyone needing help with issues with their dogs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I no longer dread our daily walks!

Nicole & Becky Orlando, FL

Orlando's very own Cesar! We were beyond stressed with our dog's antics, but with Randy's tools and knowledge he was able to train our Sadie with the right behaviors needed to help create the happy household we now have. The best part is he not only teaches the dog, but the owner. We feel much more confident in being the best doggie parents, now that we've learned ourselves the right behaviors. His combination of videos and daily updates allowed us to feel like we were taking the journey right beside Sadie, which we loved!

Jake Orlando, FL

When Randy started training my dog, Nala the only training she had was potty training. She jumped on people, counter surfed, did not walk on a leash well, and was aggressive towards other animals. Now, at the end of our training she behaves indoors, walks well on a leash, and regularly spends time inside with our other dog and my rabbit with no issues. While Randy and I worked together he would introduce her to a command with food as my dog is heavily food motivated. Once Randy taught Nala on what was expected of her it was my turn to try and work with her. Randy made sure I was doing everything properly so I could keep up with the training from week to week outside of our lessons. We taught her sit, down, place, heel, and recall. She started learning from our first lesson and never stopped. Randy was more flexible than anyone could ask for. He was patient and spent as much time with me as I needed. It was hard work for the three of us but it has most definitely paid off!

With much gratitude, 
Jake & Nala
Cecelia Oviedo, FL

I just wanted to write about Randy, in regards to him training our puppy, Amy. I can't say enough I'm sure. He did such an amazing job with her. Amy was a handful to say the least. She is a Black Lab mix. Amy would always run through the house like a bull in a China house. If she wasn't chasing the cats and knocking things over she was all over the backs of the furniture. Amy had a big problem with eating electrical cords, furniture, shoes, and anything she could get her mouth on. Amy also had an issue with counter surfing that would not be abated. Randy change things drastically with Amy. He taught her so much. Not to go out the door without you giving her permission but also to go to her Place with only one time of being told. She will also not come out of Place without permission. We only close the door on her kennel out of habit, but if she is in she will not come out unless invited. When walking she stays close to your side or walks nicely when asked to do so. Randy has really taken a high strung puppy into a very respectful one. I would highly recommend his services with 5 Stars. Like I said I can't say enough!

Rikki Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“You can't teach an old dog new tricks” was a phrase I always found true. That was until Randy got a hold of my dog Baxter. When first contacting Randy I wasn't sure what results to expect since Baxter was stuck in his ways for 5 years. I'm happy to say I'm beyond pleased with the results. He was able to teach Baxter and I a way of communicating. Before training with Randy I struggled with issues such as not coming when called, pulling on the leash, separation anxiety, whining for attention, and barking/growling at other dogs on a walk.

Since the training I've been able to confidently have him off leash outdoors without any fear of him running away. When he's on the leash he walks with ease which was something I've never experienced before. His new found obedience seems to have mellowed out his separation anxiety as well. I'm overly happy with the services Randy has provided for Baxter and I.

Ralph Saint Cloud, FL

I cannot say enough about Randy and his training! I have a very "strong willed" Siberian Husky (Koda) who always wanted her way and would do what she could to get it. I called some other trainers and had some in home work for 4 hours with someone else and basically was told my dog was "untrainable" and was asked if I ever thought of giving her up. I'm not going to bore you with a long story but Randy (household K9 training) got my baby under control and gave me the tools to do so as well. Do yourself a favor and watch Koda's videos from day one until the end. I promise you, you will not be disappointed in the incredible work Randy does with dogs.

Rachel Winter Springs, FL

I followed his Facebook page for about 2 months to see what kind of training he used and how well dogs responded to him. Most of the dogs had all the same issues, so I reached out to him. I thought being away from my fur child for 3 weeks would be hard but it was actually easy. I saw clips of her training everyday, saw how well she was doing, all while still being her happy tail wagging self. I highly recommend you check him out on Facebook and Instagram to see for yourself. I will definitely use Household K9 Training again if I ever get another dog. Randy you are amazing!!

Britny Oxford, FL

My experience was awesome! I took my 5 year old German Shepherd to Household K9 Training and have better results than I could have expected. I also felt very good about leaving my baby with a stranger. She was very well taken care of and learned so much. Her time in training changed her life and mine. I would recommend this training program to any dog owner!