Are you the right trainer for me and my dog?
I am a balanced dog trainer, meaning I use the words "yes" and "no". I believe dog training, especially off leash dog training is a lifestyle. This journey towards a better behaved dog will take consistency and effort from the both of us. I only work with owners who are 100% on board with my training and want the best for their dog. I need you to be as excited about training your dog as I am! If you are motivated and willing to put in the time and effort required to transform your dog, we are a good match!

To me, dog training is not your dog knowing a series of commands to receive a treat. It is creating a calm, well behaved, truly obedient dog in the real world, even around distractions! This idea of working with a trainer once a week for a couple of weeks or dropping your dog off for a board and train program and after that nothing else is required is unrealistic. If you take this approach and have that mind set you are likely to be disappointed with the results of any trainer you go with. Yes, your dog will be trained and make drastic improvements once we are done training here but the work cannot stop there. In-between private sessions, homework will be assigned for you to work with your dog. After a board and train program, you need to hold your dog accountable on a consistent basis for what they know. Imagine going to the gym to work on getting in better shape, now once you reach that goal, you stop going to the gym to maintain it. What do you think happens next? Dog training is no different.If you don’t use it you lose it!

What makes you different from other trainers?

I actually care about you and your dog. I started this business because I love what I do. I solve problems and make your life easier and more enjoyable with your dog. Of course I train your dog, but that is the easy part to be honest, the more important part is informing, educating, and training you, the owner to lead your dog through life. I take pride in what I do which is much more than teaching a couple of commands. That is not true obedience, that is just a party trick. My goal is help you achieve your goals with your dog. Whether that means being able to take them anywhere without worry or having a well behaved calm dog in your home, or both I'm here for you before, during, and after we work together.

What training methods do you use?

The method I use to train dogs is a common sense approach! I try to make it as simple and easy for owners to have success with their dogs as possible. I am a firm believer that in order to teach our dogs how to live in our world we must teach them what is acceptable and what isn’t. I communicate to dogs using the concept of pressure and release to ensure a crystal clear learning environment. Through balanced training I always reward dogs for their good behavior. I introduce guidance, structure, and rules into their lives. Most dogs get plenty of love and affection (after all, that’s why most of us get dogs) but very few dogs get the leadership and guidance they need to feel safe and understand how to live in our lives without creating chaos.

In the beginning of my training process I reward dogs to shape their behavior and teach them what is expected. Once the dogs learn what is expected, the proofing phase begins to ensure they listen no matter the distraction. I never correct a dog until I know 100% that the dog understands what I am asking of them. What is a correction? It is simply giving them information, it can be in a form of a verbal correction "no", spacial pressure, prong/ecollar pressure. My training method is very fair to the dog. I always tell my clients “You don’t have to be mean, but you have to mean what you say”.

Most owners give their dog too much freedom too soon. Unless the dog is taught what is acceptable and not acceptable, chances are your dog will get into trouble given the chance!

How do you reward the dog? Treats?
Every dog is different so I find the dog’s best motivation whether that is food, toys, verbal praise, affection or a combination. I do use the dog’s daily kibble/food through the learning phase of my training program. Most dogs are used to eating out of bowls and getting their food for free. While dogs are here they learn the concept of "working for their food" by learning their basic obedience commands. This serves as a great motivator and quickly speeds up the learning process. If your dog is not food motivated at all, I can build their food drive and spice up their kibble with some treats if needed. I do phase food out eventually so that dogs learn they must listen even when no food is involved.

What tools do you use?
I use a variety of tools depending on the dog, although I mainly use prong collars and ecollars! If you are unfamiliar with them, you can read more below. These tools allow the training to be communicated very clearly. These tools do not train the dog but serve as a great way to communicate the training to the dog. Another reason why I choose to use these tools is because it allows the average dog owner to be able to clearly communicate the training and maintain it once dogs transition back home. Not everyone is a dog trainer so these tools help bridge the gap between dog and dog owner. You will be well educated on how to use the tools before our training program is complete. They are meant to empower owners to have long lasting results with their dog.

Why do you use prong collars? Aren’t those mean/bad/scary/choke chains?
There is no denying they look like a torture device! In my opinion they are the most gentle and effective way to communicate with a dog. Not only are they a great communication tool, they are one of the most humane and safest tools you can use to train your dog, when used properly. That is so important to understand... You cannot simply put a prong collar on a dog and expect your dog to be trained. Without introducing this tool the right way, your dog will likely be confused by what they feel. This collar allows us to communicate with our dogs using the least amount of force compared to other collars on the market. Prong collars are designed to sit elevated off of the dog’s neck and apply even pressure around the neck protecting the dog’s trachea. When used and fit correctly, the prong collar gives us a way to communicate with dogs using very little effort and allows us to create a new state of mind in your dog. All types of dogs benefit from this communication tool, whether they are nervous, fearful, aggressive, happy go lucky, etc. I teach the dog that they have the power with their decisions whether or not they feel the slight pressure of the collar.

E-Collar? What is that? You mean a shock collar?
No, not a shock collar! Luckily today we live in such a technologically advanced world that e-collars are extremely safe. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of bad, powerful, and cheap e-collars out there that do more harm then good. I only use the safest most reliable brand from E-collar Technologies. You truly get what you pay for with this product. These collars have levels 0-100 and all of my training is done on the low level possible which in most cases humans cannot feel.

I use low-level, communication-style, modern E-Collar training, which looks nothing like the E-Collar training of the past. Modern E-Collars cannot cause burn marks or anything like that. Think of an E-Collar as a Tens Unit from your Chiropractor. The feeling that comes from the e-collar is very similar, giving out a stimulating feeling. The e-collar is an amazing communication tool I use to train especially for off leash dog training.

My board and train programs are centered around the E-collar which leads to off leash freedom! Modern E-collar training program is unlike anything you've probably seen. While I work in a range of levels, the goal is to always use the lowest possible level. I am using the E-collar to communicate and have a conversation with the dog. Every dog that comes through my program loves the E-collar and is excited to use it as it means they can have off leash freedom. All types of dogs benefit from e-collar training as it creates better communication between us and our dogs.

How long do I have to use the prong/ecollar on my dog?

For as long as you need them. I personally don't strive to ever not need them. If you couldn't tell yet, I'm a big fan of these tools simply because they are a great way to communicate with dogs. They make training and communication so simple and easy. These tools are here to help and empower you with your dog. My personal dog is trained pretty well but she still wears these tools and probably always will. I already spent the money on them, I might as well use them. Especially if you want to have your dog off leash, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want an ecollar for their dog. Nothing in dog training is 100% as dogs aren't perfect, but a reliable recall is a must if you plan to have your dog off leash and the ecollar allows that to happen. Of course its there just in case, like an insurance policy... you hope to never use it, but if you need to, its there for you.

What is required of me after a board and train? Will my dog know to listen to me like they did for you?

Dogs have different associations with different places and people. You’ve created the relationship and association that you two have together, whatever that may be currently. If you’re reading this, its likely you are wanting to better that relationship. If your dog knows commands that you have taught them yourself or with another trainer, but only listen on their terms, chances are they do not find you believable. Maybe your dog doesn’t know anything but you would like to have a clear channel of communication with them.

The reason why a board and train program works so well is because once your dog arrives here, they start off with me with a fresh slate. They don’t know me but we get to know each other over the time we spend together. If they have preexisting bad behaviors that have worked for them in the past, they figure out they don’t work here. They are fully immersed living with a dog trainer 24/7. I teach your dog everything they need to know through my training program as well as how to communicate using the tools (prong and ecollar). Your dog will be trained to a high level of obedience with expectations to listen every time no matter the distraction level.

When you pick up your dog, your dog will be fully trained knowing and understanding all their commands, have a new state of mind, be more calm and have developed impulse control. Now that is not to say your dog will be perfect! They will absolutely make mistakes and push the boundaries to see what you will allow them to get away with. Remember, they were probably never used to listening to this level of obedience with you so its going to take some time to convince them the same rules that applied with me also apply with you. Training is truly a lifestyle and things will need to be kept up with. Your job after the board and train program is to keep up with the lifestyle they already know and understand. You will not have to teach your dog anything new, only hold them accountable for what they have learned.

I will be supplying you with all of the information and confidence you need to ensure your dog has a smooth and successful transition back into life at your home. That is the most important part! I cant stress this enough. Board and Train programs include around 4 hours of personalized training time with me, you, and your dog. I teach you and your family how to keep up with your dogs success.

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Is your dog training program/results guaranteed?
It wouldn't be honest of me to offer a 100% guarantee, this is due to many different factors such as every dog is different as well as owner/family commitment and consistency to training. That being said, I only choose to work with owners who are dedicated to put in the work required as this will be a team effort. So because of that, I consistently see positive results and great transformations. Please visit the videos page to see real world results !