A dog laying down during a board and train program
Household K9 Training offers two types of dog training programs, private sessions which are one on one sessions and board and train programs in which your dog lives with me for an extended period of time for training. Please familiarize yourself with the different board and train programs as well as the private sessions below to better understand what they entail. If you need help deciding which program is right for you and your dog, please visit the FAQ page for a more detailed explanation between a board and train and private sessions. If you still need help deciding after that, feel free to fill out a contact form and I will be in touch with you shortly to further discuss which service is right for your family.


This package includes two private sessions, which will each be one hour long for a total of two training hours. I will cover: introducing the prong collar to your dog properly, heeling on the structured walk, and addressing any mild reactivity. If you simply want to enjoy the walk with your dog but are currently struggling, either being pulled down the sidewalk or dealing with reactivity (your dog reacting to other people, dogs, etc), or both... this program is for you!


2 Private Sessions
$175 (includes prong collar/slip lead)


Private Sessions are for dogs 6 months and older that have no severe behavior issues. Typical dogs that are good candidates for private sessions are goofy, happy go lucky, out of control dogs, pulling on the leash, won't listen, etc. If your dog is extremely nervous/fearful please look into my rehabilitation board and train program. If you are interested in off leash ecollar training, a board and train program is a must. I do not offer off leash ecollar training through private sessions.

During our private sessions, I will be working hands on one on one with you and your dog. I address your dog's state of mind opposed to individually addresses their issues. Most issues owners are facing with their dog are just side effects of the root problem, which is (in most cases) a lack of leadership. Leadership includes rules, structure, and clear boundaries set by you for your dog. Most people give their dog too much freedom without realizing this is the opposite of what a dog actually needs and wants.

The first session is two hours, where I will evaluate your dog, come up with a training program which suits you and your dog, and begin hands on training. The remaining four sessions will be 60-90 minutes. Each session will be about one week apart where you will be working on training assignments/homework in-between sessions. You essentially become the dog trainer and your dog's success relies on you! We will be building upon your dogs obedience from week to week on the following commands; sit, down, place (calm on command), heel (loose leash walking), thresholds (not rushing through doorways), and waiting for food. Not only do I teach your dog these commands, but more importantly I teach you how to live more peacefully with your dog. I will also work on eliminating any unwanted behaviors you may be experiencing such as: jumping, counter surfing, nipping, chewing, barking, whining, crate behavior, etc.


5 Private Sessions
$600 (includes prong collar/slip lead)


During the board and train program your dog will become a member of my household, living with me in a 24/7 training environment. They will be my top priority and will be surrounded by rules, structure, guidance, and leadership the moment they walk into my home. Your dog's state of mind will change for the better, creating a more calm, balanced, and obedient dog. I will work with your dog multiple times each day in the form of obedience training, duration work, structured walks, playtime/socialization, and public outings to create a solid relationship which transfers over to you.

Each board and train program includes a 30 minute drop off consultation and 3-4 hours of me training you and your family! This is when I transfer all the knowledge and confidence you need to keep up with your dog's success once you bring them back home. An additional follow up session a week after your dog arrives back home can be provided at no additional cost if needed. You will also receive updates of your dog's progress through social media and detailed documentation with instructions on what we went over during the go home session. As always, I am available for phone/email support anytime after the program if you should have any questions or concerns. I do everything I can to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to live a happy and balanced life with your dog!

Curious to see what your dog will be doing their board and train? Visit the Household K9 Facebook page to see videos of current board and train dogs!

I offer three options for board and train programs depending on your dog's need.


The basic obedience program is 3 weeks and for dogs 6 months of age and older with no severe issues. The type of dogs for this program include your typical happy go lucky dogs that are just hyper, don't seem to listen, have no prior training, pull on the leash, jump up on people, etc. If your dog has crate issues, separation anxiety, leash aggression, please look into the rehabilitation program. Your dog will be trained both on and off leash using a slip lead/prong collar and a low level ecollar.


The rehabilitation program is usually 4 weeks but can be up to 8 weeks (depends how severe the issues are) and for dogs 6 months of age and older. Dogs that belong in this program struggle with issues such as anxious/nervous/fearful behavior, separation anxiety, crate issues, resource guarding food, toys, owners, and/or leash reactivity (jumping, growling, barking, lunging at other dogs/people on walks). Your dog will be trained both on and off leash using a slip lead/prong collar and a low level ecollar.


The puppy program is a 10 day board and train geared for dogs between the ages of 4 to 6 months. During their stay with me, your dog will learn all about basic obedience and calm house manners on leash. This program is a great head start to get your pup walking on a leash nicely, being well-behaved and polite in the house, as well as the early stages of impulse control and recall. Your pup will create great habits and a structured routine while they live with me. Then I train you the owner how to keep up with your dogs new found success!

Regardless of the program you choose, your dog will know the following basic obedience commands:

-Heel (loose leash walking)
-Place (calm on command)
-Waits for food
-Waits at thresholds

I will also eliminate any unwanted behaviors you may be experiencing such as: jumping, counter surfing, nipping, chewing, barking, whining, crate behavior, etc.


Basic Obedience Program (3 weeks)
$1500 (Price does not include the ecollar which ranges from $180-280)

Rehabilitation Program (4-8 weeks)
$2000 for 4 weeks (Price does not include the ecollar which ranges from $180-280)
+$400 for each additional week needed

Puppy Program (10 days)
$750 (Price includes a prong collar)


Whether you're going on vacation, out of town for work, simply going away for the weekend or need someone to watch your dog for the holidays, for past clients only, I offer boarding. Benefits of boarding your dog with me is having them continue to live in a structured home environment. I am familiar with your dog and they are familiar with me, I keep up with the training we both worked so hard to obtain. Yes, your dog will spend time in the crate but they will also spend time on place practicing duration work, going on structured walks, as well as have some off-leash freedom. In the event you are struggling with certain things, I can brush up and refine your dogs obedience commands as well. Just as you were used to getting daily updates while they were training with me, I will also be posting photos or videos on your dog during their stay.

Need to me watch your dog? Simply send me an email to info@householdk9.com with the dates


$40 (per night)

Household K9 Training Orlando offers private sessions and board and train programs for basic obedience, off leash dog training, and rehabilitation that serves the Central Florida community which includes Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Waterford Lakes, College Park, Avalon Park, Maitland, Apopka, Edgewood, Ocoee, Oviedo, Belle Isle, Bay Lake, Lake Buena Vista, Eatonville, Oakland, Windermere, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, and more!