orlando dog trainer sitting down with his dog
orlando dog trainer sitting down with his dog
orlando dog trainer sitting down with his dog

Orlando Dog Trainer – Randy Hernz of Household K9 Training

Hey there! I’m Randy owner of Household K9 Training in Orlando, FL, I discovered my passion for dog training as well as my desire to become a dog trainer after having trouble with my own dog! Within the first month of bringing her home, I quickly realized how much work raising a puppy was. By the second month things were getting out of control rather quickly. I struggled with just about everything, getting her to listen to me, pulling on the leash, causing chaos in my house, you know, all the usual puppy behavior. I was so overwhelmed and getting frusterated as the weeks went by. I knew I had to do something before this puppy turned into a dog.

Out of necessity I spent all my spare time studying, researching, and educating myself on everything I could about balanced dog training. I’ve attended seminars and shadows other balanced dog trainers as well. I could not believe how fast I was seeing positive results and how simple it was to maintain them. Since that time I have spent thousands of hours working with all types of dogs. From small to large breeds, out of control puppies to nervous/fearful dogs to leash reactivity issues. My journey into dog training has now snowballed into Household K9 Training.

I started this company to help people and their dogs. I know what it feels like to struggle with a dog and I want people to know they don’t need to struggle anymore. So many families struggle out there with their family dogs and it doesn’t have to be that way. Dogs are surrendered to shelters or re-homed due to bad behavior such as barking, jumping, being too hyper, pulling on the leash, when all of these behaviors are easily fixed. Many owners try to give their dogs the best life possible, unfortunately some of the things owners do tend to create bad behaviors without even realizing it.

I am here to help you shed light on how to create a mutual respect between you and your dog. I enjoy helping, educating, and empowering people to obtain that dog they have always wanted. Your dog should not ever be a hassle, burden, or inconvenience. My goal is to help you include your dog into your life more because they are a joy to have around.

Through my dog training programs I work with you and your dog, on whatever issues you may be struggling with. By doing this I also address the state of mind of your dog, teach obedience, creating a more calm, relaxed, and well-behaved dog both in your house and in the real world around distractions. The most important part about dog training, is teaching, showing, and transferring my knowledge to you. That way you have the confidence and information to continue to have success with your dog for a lifetime.

Thanks for your time,